The Men of Dhuerval

The people of the land of Dhuerval are a relatively hale and hardy people, largely of fair-skinned stock, with hair colors typically of brown or blonde, though darker colors are not unheard of. Eye colors tend to be blue or brown, and the general build of its people is slim to lithe, not typically stocky.

Red hair and or green eyes is seen as a sign of Vistani blood, and an ill omen for the family or community. At best they are bad luck charms, and spend their lives suffering small physical abuses at the hands of the superstitious population. The Vistani, however, do not see these people as kin but rather as pretenders and possible thieves to their culture.

The people of Dhuerval are superstitious to a fault, making warding gestures against any perceived sign of ill omen. This includes casting stones at people who could be the cause of the bad luck, as a way to discourage further punishment from the Gods. This has become a minor ritual in their culture, and has become intrinsic to many of their rituals.


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